/ ABOUT ME /    

    As an English graduate of the University of Florida, I plan to utilize my areas of study to pursue a career involving the practice of desktop publishing. Writing a number of research papers and essays has familiarized me with the methods of researching, organizing, and revising; additionally, these processes have aided me in developing the appropriate skills to write concisely and effectively.   


    Taking a semester in technical communication and reading various books not only opened me up to the market trends and environment of technical writers and designers, but also helped me to gain practice in writing and designing large documents such as magazine layouts and manuals, as well as smaller forms like letters and memos.    


    Post-graduation, I live in South Florida in pursuit of real-world experience in a variety of writing fields. During this time, I continue to learn new software and create additional samples to become well-rounded and broaden my career options, possibly in advertising or technical communication.    


    In my spare time I enjoy reading, playing basketball, and watching movies. My current interests in electronics and video games have leaned me toward having a career writing and designing in the tech industry. With technology becoming more advanced, I recognize the growing need for people who can convey technical information to multiple audiences. I look forward to being a part of any industry which forces me to challenge myself and develop my skills further.