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Digital Watch Manual                                                                                                                          

Manual is designed and written for an Athletic Work’s digital watch; it provides standard instructions to set up watch, use alarm functions, display dates accurately, and properly operate the stop watch function.





MP3 Manual                                                                                                                                    

This is a manual made for the Sansa SanDisk c140 MP3 player. It is written and designed for consumers who have previous experience using similar electronic devices. It provides instructions on operating the primary MP3 player, transferring pictures and music files, using the radio and recorder features, and navigating through the picture gallery.


T.V. Manual                                                                                                                              

This manual is produced as a sample redesign based off the older 2002 version of the SHARP© Color Television set, model 25R-S100. Certain parts are rewritten and shortened to include just the basic functions and features presented, with enough detail for an inexperienced consumer to easily comprehend & use.


*None published